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So before I posted on DW specifically that I'd moved back to LJ, but after this whole Russian TOS business I'm back to DreamWidth. It's still crossposting to LJ, but if you've also moved to DW drop me a line and I'll grant access/subscribe appropriately.


Jan. 24th, 2014 07:31 am
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I went back to posting mainly on Livejournal instead of here, sorry. (I think it was because I needed to use a custom friends group I had set up over there...) Anyway if you are following me here and were wondering where I've been my life is mostly at LJ and facebook.
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You know, it's really hard to plan out when to do things outdoors when your forecast looks like this:
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This is, without a doubt, the best thing on the internet.

IMO, things like that are what the internet is all about.
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I thought that all those times people said something like, "John was whinging about having to go to school," they were just using an awful misspelling of "whine." It turns out that "whinge" is an actual word, pronounced "winj," which means the same thing as "whine," but is used by the British and has different etymology.
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...assuming there are any UI gurus on my flist, anyway.

Other than grabbing a scroll bar and dragging it or clicking it, there are a few ways to scroll:

  • keyboard -- line up and down and page up and down, home, and end
  • mouse wheel
  • hot areas at the right and bottom edge of touchpad
  • various devices where you click and drag the middle button or a special button
  • turning the mouse wheel while it is held in the "clicked" position

In general, I thought that the hot areas on touchpads just raised mouse wheel events. However, touchpad hot area scrolling doesn't work with WPF ScrollViewers, while mouse wheel scrolling does. Similarly, I have a special mouse, which has a middle "scroll" button, so if I hold down the button and move my mouse, I can scroll. This also doesn't work with WPF ScrollViewers.

So I'm wondering, are middle button click and drag, mouse wheel click and scroll, and hot areas on touchpads the same mouse events? If not, what mouse events should I be looking for to write a custom ScrollViewer to handle all these devices?
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From the website of a product I was researching:

With MKS Integrity we offer a complete range of ALM competence. This competence, delivered coherently from a single platform, allows MKS to deliver solutions that can transform software development and delivery. Competence and coherence are essential prerequisites for the adaptability needed to achieve Intelligent ALM and truly solve the business problems of enterprises that must deliver increasing volumes of complex and critical software.

How do you offer a range of competence? Does that mean I can buy the competent solution, the semi-competent solution, or the incompetent solution? How is competence coherent? WTF does that even MEAN? Competence and coherence are essential prerequisites for adaptability? First of all, I didn't know there was such a thing as a prerequisite which was NOT essential. Second of all, what? I like how intelligent is randomly capitalized too. I would love for them to solve my business problems, but I don't understand how competence and coherence do that.

Seriously people. WTF. I think I need to start a new blog of failed marketing.
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At work I'm looking into options for new application lifecycle management tools, so I thought I'd post and see what everyone else uses at their companies. Here's kind of a list of the various items that I mean when I say application lifecycle management:

  • requirements/user needs
  • design documentation
  • task lists
  • project scheduling
  • risk and hazard analysis
  • implementation/source control
  • issue tracking
  • testing
  • traceability

Right now, we are using IBM (Telelogic) DOORS for requirements management, and we have our test cases listed in DOORS as well so we can trace them to the requirements. DOORS is functional, but extremely difficult to use. Our design documentation is all in Word documents. Our task lists and project scheduling are done in a combination of Microsoft Project and Excel spreadsheets. Risk and hazard analysis is a Word document with references to requirement numbers from DOORS. We use StarTeam for source control and issue tracking (but I'm told we will be migrating to TFS soon). We use MS-Test, CPPUnit, and TestComplete for automated testing. We use Documentum for storing all of the "official" documents (which means we have to export everything from DOORS, and put together test reports when we run tests to load into Documentum).

What we WANT is something that will integrate all of this stuff together. We want to trace requirements to design to risks to tasks to code to tests, with issue tracking that can refer to any of those elements, all in one place. We want to be able to run our automated and manual tests and have the system automagically create a test summary report. We want to be able to link together change request review meeting minutes to the change requests.

So what do you all use at your jobs? What have you used at previous jobs? Any opinions about them? Do any of you work in highly regulated environments like mine where if you don't have good traceability and documentation the FDA will come down on you?

WPF fail

Aug. 10th, 2009 11:02 am
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According to Reflector, ComboBox has the following code in it:

private static void OnMouseButtonDown(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)
    ComboBox box = (ComboBox) sender;
    if (!box.IsContextMenuOpen && !box.IsKeyboardFocusWithin)
    e.Handled = true;
    if ((Mouse.Captured == box) && (e.OriginalSource == box))

What does this mean? It means that even if you derive your own ComboBox, you will never receive any MouseDown events. Ever. Unless you hook up a handler to view Handled events.

The result is that if you have a combo box inside a ListBoxItem using a DataTemplate, clicking on the combo box will not select the item in the list, whereas clicking anywhere else in the row will select the item. This is incredibly stupid, and is the cause of a bug for me, since my context menu for the ListBoxItem operates off of the selected items in the list, and you can get into a situation where you open a context menu by right-clicking on the combo box while nothing is selected, and the context menu doesn't know what to display.

WPF, why did you do something so ridiculous? This is kind of like how you have to derive your own ListBox if you want multiselect drag/drop to work. How did this not occur to them?
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So, I have an ergonomic keyboard with a built-in touchpad. I bought it in 2000. It has two connectors coming out of it -- a PS/2 for the keyboard part, and a serial connector for the mouse. I love this keyboard and touchpad so much that I have toted it from school to school and finally to my job. It worked okay with my work laptop dock.

I got a new desktop at work. I plugged in my keyboard and mouse (funny, the desktop had a serial port but no PS/2 so I had to use a PS/2 to USB adaptor for the keyboard), and it installed some default drivers.

The Microsoft Serial Mouse driver does not work with Java applications. WTF. I already tried upgrading my Java VM, no luck. The mouse works fine with all my other applications, it's just the Java ones it doesn't work with, and they even leave it in a screwed up state so that other apps won't work either until I jiggle it with alt-tab. Sadly, my source control application is Java-based, and so is my keyboard break reminder application. I can prove it is the fault of the driver. I had the serial mouse and a USB mouse both installed, and neither worked right. I uninstalled the serial mouse driver, and the USB mouse works just fine.

I tried looking online for other serial mouse drivers and found an open source one called CuteMouse, but of course there is no README and I have no idea how to install it. I tried looking at the manufacturer's website for my keyboard (Lite-On) to get another driver, but their global website won't work with any of my browsers, and their US website only has information for their current and recent products, which are all optical storage devices and DVD players, not keyboards and mice. So I would be eternally grateful to anyone who can provide me with a functional serial mouse driver or who can find the driver for the LiteOn SK-6000 keyboard/mouse combo.
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So last night it was nice out so I took Carter to the dog park. He was actually very good with the other dogs, not too many dominance attempts and very little growling (only when one dog would not leave him alone!). It rained two days ago, and there was a huge puddle in the park, which had been churned up into a watery mud pit. Of course, all the dogs were going crazy rolling around in it and running through it at top speed splashing water everywhere.

Carter took a peek, waded in very carefully, then wandered off. I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking, okay, he just wanted to get his feet wet. Well, a little while later, he wades in again, takes a couple licks of the water . . . and lays down. Argh! It was actually pretty cute. I know he loves water so I figured he'd probably end up in there sooner or later. I counted myself lucky that he didn't roll in it at least.

They have kiddie pools at the park that people usually fill up with water from the hose to let their dogs lay in, and I don't mind when Carter does that because he usually gets out cleaner than he was when he got in. However, after wallowing in the mud, he needed a bath. Really he's been needing a bath for a while so this was a good excuse. I wiped off his feet when I got him in the car, then when we got home kept him on the leash and took him straight into the bathroom. Amazingly, I had little trouble getting him into the tub. The lesson learned is that if I keep him in his harness and leash, he can't really resist following me very well.

So I get him in the tub, get all his gear taken off, and start the shower running. He's being pretty good, so I start rinsing all the mud off of him (hard to do because the mud is mostly UNDER him). I try to get him to lay down so I can get more water on his belly. Okay, he mostly lays down. I let go of him to scoop up some water, and VOOSH! He's making a run for it!!! I make a frantic grab for him and manage to snag his back legs. Meanwhile he's gotten the shower curtain open and is scrabbling around on the floor with his wet and muddy front paws. Unfortunately I couldn't get any traction either because I was all wet and standing barefoot in the shower, and he managed to wriggle out and escape into the main part of the bathroom . . . where he immediately shook, spraying muddy water all over the floor, the walls, the counter, and the toilet.

Ben (who was downstairs working out) told me later that he thought by all the yelling I was doing ("No! Carter no!! Get back here! Bad dog!") that he'd gotten out of the bathroom entirely and was spreading mud all over the upstairs, but luckily I had shut and locked the bathroom door when I put him in there. In any case there followed a very slippery chase around the bathroom (amazing how much chasing is required in such a small space), where he managed to get muddy water all over everything he hadn't already covered, and I finally cornered him next to the tub and was able to lift his front feet in and then force his back feet back in. Phew!

He made a couple more escape attempts but I managed to stop him from getting his front paws out of the tub again, and he eventually submitted to being thoroughly washed. I think I got a pretty good workout. :P

For a dog that loves water and swimming, you'd think he would take a bath with dignity. Sigh. But I have to say, when he gets out of the tub and is clean and toweled off, it's totally adorable to see him zoom around the house trying to air dry himself.

My telling of this story totally doesn't do justice to his mad dash for freedom and the slip-and-slide chase that followed though. What a dog.
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...because I found out today that X Japan has reunited and is planning a WORLD tour this year, and that Yoshiki formed a supergroup with Gackt, Sugizo, and Miyavi (which played at Anime Expo in 2007 and NOBODY TOLD ME?). Also that apparently there was something called the JRock Revolution festival in LA where MUCC played. Also apparently Hyde has done several performances in the US. This is kind of like when I found out that L'Arc~en~Ciel was performing in Baltimore like two days before it happened.

Although I guess I can't call myself too much of a jrock follower in general because Dir en grey actually played in Indianapolis and I didn't go. Admittedly I haven't heard any of their albums from the past 8 years and they were playing as the opening act for Tool, who I hate, but still.

In any case, if X Japan actually does follow through with a world tour and comes to the US, I am so going. The trick is just finding out when/if tour dates are announced. Same with the supergroup S.K.I.N. (although apparently all they've done with it is announce that it exists). Yoshiki, Gackt, and Sugizo on the same stage? It's like a jrock fan's dream come true. (I admit, I know next to nothing about Miyavi.)

Yes, I realize that entire post was nonsense to 99% of you. :P I wish that jrock fandom could separate itself out from anime fandom, because they really can be quite different, and it's not like everyone in Japan who likes jrock music likes anime too. It would just be nice if jrock concerts existed outside of anime conventions here.
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I've been wondering about what the best news sources are, so here is a poll for you all. Currently I read, listen to NPR, watch the NBC nightly news, and don't read any print news (unless you count the "Current in Carmel" flyer we get in our mailbox for free). I don't read/watch/listen to any of them super-frequently, but they are my regular sources. I'm wondering if there is something better I should be reading/watching/listening to.

[Poll #1380727]


Apr. 3rd, 2009 10:07 am
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April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. The ASPCA has a "Go Orange for Animals" campaign going on, with events in major cities. At their store you can buy orange gear with ASPCA logos. Obviously the proceeds go to the ASPCA.

I could post lots of links to examples of horrible cruelty to animals (like this one), but I think we all know the kind of things that happen (especially if you ever watch any of the "Animal Precinct" or "Animal Cops" shows on TV). It's not just about dog fighting and puppy mills, although those are two major offenders. At the ASPCA's website you can also find information about how to recognize animal cruelty in your own neighborhood and how to report it if you see it.
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If you don't watch American Idol, I still encourage you to check out this performance from Tuesday night. Simon may have thought it was "indulgent rubbish," but I think it's the best performance I've EVER seen on American Idol.

Speaking of which, is it just me, or does Simon almost always seem to give negative reviews to gay contestants or contestants who otherwise don't fit their gender roles? Like, for example, Danny Noriega last season? Actually, google tells me it's not just me, lots of people think so. WTF Simon. Seriously. But American Idol would never officially admit that any of their contestants are gay, they always try to cover it up. Not that there's any official news about Adam Lambert being gay, but he does set off the gaydar.
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Suppose I have a list of items A, B, C, and a list of items D, E, F, G. What is the term for the list AD, AE, AF, AG, BD, BE, BF, BG, CD, CE, CF, CG? My brain says "cross product" but I think that's wrong, plus I'm not talking about math in the first place.
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From [ profile] jwgh

The Guardian's list of F&SF books you should read before you die. I hope that by not having read some of these, I will have achieved an inexpensive, practical form of immortality.


The rules of the meme are familiar: bold the books one has read, italicize the ones on the pile to be read, and strikethrough the ones you wouldn't be caught dead with and/or violently disagree with.

Read more... )

My performance on that list was pretty sad. Then again, I like fantasy but not sci-fi so I was guaranteed to be missing a good chunk. On the other hand, there were some authors on there whose books I have read, but not the one listed. Also, a lot of stuff on there I wouldn't consider in the genre. I mean, Dracula and The Shining are classified as "horror" to me, "Melmoth the Wanderer" is gothic, and "Beloved" is general lit.


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