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I've been wondering about what the best news sources are, so here is a poll for you all. Currently I read, listen to NPR, watch the NBC nightly news, and don't read any print news (unless you count the "Current in Carmel" flyer we get in our mailbox for free). I don't read/watch/listen to any of them super-frequently, but they are my regular sources. I'm wondering if there is something better I should be reading/watching/listening to.

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Yay = CA supreme court says denying same-sex couples the right to marry is unconstitutional.

Stupid quote (from CNN article about the case) = "The government should promote and encourage strong families," said Glen Lavy of the Alliance Defense Fund. "The voters realize that defining marriage as one man and one woman is important because the government should not, by design, deny a child both a mother and father."

Someone please explain to me how allowing two people physically incapable of having a biological child together to get married denies a mother and father to anyone. Any child born of natural means (as opposed to grown in a test tube or cloned) by definition has a mother and a father. This quote wouldn't even apply to allowing gays to adopt. They're not denying the child a mother and father, they're allowing the child to have parents at all. People like this make me so angry!
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This is kind of creepy, but unsurprising. I guess they did an analysis of cord blood and found like 280 toxic chemicals (fire retardants, pesticides, etc) in it. I'm not surprised, since I don't see how it would be possible for a pregnant woman to walk outdoors and not inhale exhaust fumes which then get passed to the baby, and I know we eat food treated with pesticides which obviously gets passed to the baby too. I'm sure that there would have been just as many pollutants years ago, so I am probably a walking toxic waste dump. But it's still creepy. Remind me if I ever get pregnant to eat more organic foods. :P And live in a germ-free bubble.


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