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I wish LJ had a search feature. Meaning, a search feature that will search all my entries, including friends-only and private, and which I can use without allowing other search engines to index my journal. All I want to know is when I read particular books and whether I wrote reviews of them, but I only know about the ones I read since I started tagging entries.
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Why do you not respect minimum and maximum sizes? WHY??? I am left doing all sorts of crap because I want my control to size to its content, but if it hits its maximum size, I want the content to size to IT. Plus, its maximum size is dependent on the current sizes of OTHER things. Argh.

Because WPF fails to work as I expect, I have spent the past two days trying to implement a feature that would have been super-easy with SplitPanel in WinForms.
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Disclaimer: the following rant has nothing to do with which candidate I would support.

If I see one more news article that refers to Hillary Clinton as "Mrs. Clinton" while at the same time referring to Obama as "Senator Obama" I am going to scream. Excuse me, but Mrs. Clinton has been Senator Clinton for a long time and has been referred to as "Senator Clinton" pretty much exclusively until this campaign started, at which point she became "Mrs" again. I think she deserves a little more credit than just being called "Bill Clinton's wife."

Also, if you are going to refer to her as "Hillary," you should refer to Obama as "Barack." But talking about "Hillary vs. Obama" has subtle implications. I don't think at this point there would be any confusion if you just called her "Clinton" -- we know that Bill isn't running for president. Referring to someone by their first name while referring to others by their last name is belittling. Take, for example, the one episode of House where Cameron started calling everyone by their first name in order to feel more powerful. Or if you haven't seen it, then imagine going to a hospital and seeing one doctor refer to 9 of the other 10 doctors as "Dr. So-and-So" and then calling the last person "Jenny." Yes, that's the person's name, but using their first name informally in a formal setting is kind of demeaning.
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I think magazine marketing needs some work. I subscribe to Cooking Light, which is my favorite magazine ever. They keep sending me special discounts on affiliated magazines. Some of these make sense -- they are fitness magazines or cooking magazines or vague things like "Cottage Living." Some of them make sense to SOME readers but not others. For example, they keep sending me offers for "Coastal Living," "Southern Living," "Southern Accents," and the like. These people have my address -- it should be obvious that I do not live on the coast or in the south. Shouldn't they target this marketing to the people who the magazines are relevant for? Instead I just get annoyed at them. If they sent me an offer for "Midwest Living" I might just take them up on it.


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