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So everyone was excited to see Ohio and some other states go blue . . . but why is nobody excited about Indiana??? (OK, I know, we have only 11 electoral votes, but still.) Indiana voted democrat for the first time in 44 years. Woohoo!

(Still at 99% reporting, and Obama only ahead by about 30,000, but it's been called everywhere.)

I'm still watching the numbers come in on prop 8 for California, fingers crossed.
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  • I think it is frightening that saying Obama's plans will "spread the wealth" is considered negative campaigning. I thought the appeal of living in a prosperous country was that we could all share in the prosperity -- but apparently that makes me a socialist, and therefore Un-American. (WTF.)
  • There is this ridiculous anti-Obama ad running on TV out here. Basically it is about Obama not having executive experience, but the end is just totally stupid. They're talking about the economic crisis, and how the next president will have to deal with it. They show a picture of the President's chair in the oval office, and the voiceover says, "This would be Obama's FIRST CRISIS . . . . . . . . . in this chair." I laughed when I heard that little qualifier at the end. It would be McCain's first crisis in that chair too, morons.
  • A dead bear cub was found on a university campus draped with Obama signs. W. T. F.
  • I found out at my Spanish class last night that there is now an Obama campaign office here in Carmel, IN. I stopped by after class hoping to get a yard sign. Apparently the whole state is out of yard signs, but one of the volunteers had a couple makeshift signs that her husband had made -- two Obama posters stapled back-to-back and attached to a couple of wooden stakes. I took one. I also signed up to canvass on Saturday, it will be interesting to see how it goes.
  • I mentioned that I had come looking for a yard sign more intently now because I had seen so many new McCain yard signs crop up lately. The guy in the Obama office told me that apparently McCain's campaigning in Indiana is mostly that he has a whole shitload of yard signs, and that some of the McCain campaign staff have just been going around sticking them in random people's lawns. Also apparently some people have had Obama yard signs stolen from their yards.
  • Have you guys seen these gigantic yard signs? I don't think I've seen any for McCain or Obama but they are becoming popular for local politicians (esp. our incumbent governor). They're a yard sign, but they're about four feet tall and six feet wide or so. Crazy.
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Courtesy of [ profile] quigonejinn.


Apr. 2nd, 2008 04:51 pm
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Last night I saw my first campaign ads on TV (two for Obama during American Idol). I guess it's true, Indiana really does matter this year! Maybe I should figure out who I want to vote for.
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Disclaimer: the following rant has nothing to do with which candidate I would support.

If I see one more news article that refers to Hillary Clinton as "Mrs. Clinton" while at the same time referring to Obama as "Senator Obama" I am going to scream. Excuse me, but Mrs. Clinton has been Senator Clinton for a long time and has been referred to as "Senator Clinton" pretty much exclusively until this campaign started, at which point she became "Mrs" again. I think she deserves a little more credit than just being called "Bill Clinton's wife."

Also, if you are going to refer to her as "Hillary," you should refer to Obama as "Barack." But talking about "Hillary vs. Obama" has subtle implications. I don't think at this point there would be any confusion if you just called her "Clinton" -- we know that Bill isn't running for president. Referring to someone by their first name while referring to others by their last name is belittling. Take, for example, the one episode of House where Cameron started calling everyone by their first name in order to feel more powerful. Or if you haven't seen it, then imagine going to a hospital and seeing one doctor refer to 9 of the other 10 doctors as "Dr. So-and-So" and then calling the last person "Jenny." Yes, that's the person's name, but using their first name informally in a formal setting is kind of demeaning.


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