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...because I found out today that X Japan has reunited and is planning a WORLD tour this year, and that Yoshiki formed a supergroup with Gackt, Sugizo, and Miyavi (which played at Anime Expo in 2007 and NOBODY TOLD ME?). Also that apparently there was something called the JRock Revolution festival in LA where MUCC played. Also apparently Hyde has done several performances in the US. This is kind of like when I found out that L'Arc~en~Ciel was performing in Baltimore like two days before it happened.

Although I guess I can't call myself too much of a jrock follower in general because Dir en grey actually played in Indianapolis and I didn't go. Admittedly I haven't heard any of their albums from the past 8 years and they were playing as the opening act for Tool, who I hate, but still.

In any case, if X Japan actually does follow through with a world tour and comes to the US, I am so going. The trick is just finding out when/if tour dates are announced. Same with the supergroup S.K.I.N. (although apparently all they've done with it is announce that it exists). Yoshiki, Gackt, and Sugizo on the same stage? It's like a jrock fan's dream come true. (I admit, I know next to nothing about Miyavi.)

Yes, I realize that entire post was nonsense to 99% of you. :P I wish that jrock fandom could separate itself out from anime fandom, because they really can be quite different, and it's not like everyone in Japan who likes jrock music likes anime too. It would just be nice if jrock concerts existed outside of anime conventions here.


Jan. 15th, 2009 03:48 pm
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Does anyone else hear a striking similarity between "Listen To Your Heart" by Roxette and "What About Love" by Heart? I guess they really did listen to their Heart when they wrote that song.


Dec. 16th, 2008 09:40 am
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Pandora, I wish you had a feature where I could say, "Don't play me any songs by this artist." It's figured out some bands/people I like -- yes, I am a fan of Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, All-American Rejects, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Bowling for Soup, and Pet Shop Boys. However, it has also decided that I must be a huge fan of Ben Folds, Linkin Park, and Counting Crows, which I am decidedly not.

Edit -- another random observation. If I say I like a song, that doesn't mean I want to hear 50 covers of it and remixes of it. Seriously, there are about five million remixes of "Get Into the Groove" and I only like one of them. Same for "(I Just) Died in Your Arms" and "Rhythm is a Dancer." Also, I don't ever want to hear live recordings of anything, ever.
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I think it's hilarious that in the midst of a string of really great songs, Pandora decides to play me "The Macarena." *facepalm*

Recent Pandora finds:
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In the chorus of "Shine On" by Needtobreathe, they are I guess saying "Shine on, shine on," but the song came up on Pandora while I was looking at another window and not paying attention, and I found myself thinking, "What the heck is this song? Are they saying shalom, shalom??"
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...but I just found some excellent theme music for one of the characters in the Doctrine of Labyrinths series: "The Rejection" by Dangerous Muse. You can hear it on their myspace page.

lyrics behind the cut )


Jul. 17th, 2008 02:45 pm
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I <3 90's dance pop. So much so that when I investigated a song Pandora played me that I really really liked, I discovered it was a 1995 dance hit. (The song was "Baby Baby" by Corona.)

It is not only excellent music for parties, but also for coding and doing documentation.


Jul. 7th, 2008 10:20 am
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So, this weekend I was feeling good enough to dig my violin out of the closet and give it a shot. It was woefully out of tune, and my bow needs to be rehaired (about half the hairs had fallen out), but still functional and no damage. I played for about 5-10 minutes, not long enough to do any more damage to my wrists.

Those 5-10 minutes were enough to show me that not playing in three years has really left me out of violin shape. :( I could feel the weak muscles in my wrist any time I used my third and fourth fingers, and shifting felt really awkward. On top of that I found that I was really out of tune (at least to my ears I was, I don't know how it would sound to someone with untrained ears). My high school violin teacher's voice was echoing in my head saying, "Use your fingertip ears, Jessica!!" I made it through a couple scales and an etude before putting it down.

Anyway, I waited two days after that session to make sure that my tendons and muscles didn't freak out, and they still feel okay. My new plan is to slowly work up. I'll work on scales for about 5-10 minutes every other day until it starts feeling comfortable again, then gradually up my time about 5 min/week or less and start etudes. Every day is probably pushing it for my wrists right now. Now the trick is to sort through my scale and etude books and figure out which ones I should be using. Any violinists out there want to make a recommendation? Here's what I have in my library:

  • Sitt - Scale Studies (appendix to Schriadek's Scales)
  • photocopies of some Dont stuff, I think 4-octave scales and arpeggios
  • Trott - Melodious Double-Stops
  • Mazas etudes
  • Kreutzer - 42 Studies

I might also have Sevcik lying around here somewhere. I seem to remember that I started with Sitt and moved on to my photocopies, and that I started with Mazas and Trott and moved on to Kreutzer, but my memory isn't great. I think Sitt is all three-octave scales and arpeggios. I definitely think I should start with three octaves to avoid stressing my wrist, but maybe I should only start with two?

Anyway, I hope I can get back into good shape with my violin. This is the longest I've gone without playing since I started when I was six years old. Previous to this I'd only reduced my practicing during summer vacations.
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This morning on the radio I heard a song with the following lyrics:

maybe I'm the one
maybe I'm the one
who is a schizophrenic psycho
maybe I'm the one
maybe I'm the one
who is a paranoid psycho

It turns out there is a wikipedia page about this song. Weird. I didn't think it was particularly good, but I will admit those lines are sticking in my head. I am strangely reminded of "Institutionalized" by Suicidal Tendencies. All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi!
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I don't remember the exact wording but it was something like, "if we stay together / it could get worse / then again it could get better." DUH.

Although I can't really complain, because one of my favorite new L'Arc songs has the English lyric, "my wish is over their airspace." At least they have the excuse of not really speaking English.
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So I'm listening to my iPod on random and I was thinking it's funny how some songs have me dancing around in my chair (well, as much as possible in a char) and others I really enjoy but they aren't really dancey.

So I'm curious, what songs do you listen to where you find yourself moving around without even realizing it?

Mine, off the top of my head:

  • Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around..., Sexyback, and Rock Your Body
  • La Bouche - Wanna Be My Lover
  • Rockapella - Carmen Sandiego Theme Song
  • Haddaway - What Is Love
  • NSync - Bye Bye Bye
  • Will Smith - Gettin' Jiggy With It
  • A-Teens - Mama Mia

I'm sure there are more...
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In case there is anyone here who doesn't already know, L'Arc~en~Ciel is my favorite band. They're Japanese and recently celebrated their 15th anniversary. Their songs are used a lot in commercials and as theme songs for anime, movies, and video games. My commentary refers a lot to other L'Arc songs, so chances are that nobody on my friends list will know what the heck I'm talking about. I'll try to give references to songs you might know to give you an idea.

Okay, so the album came out in November, but I just got it the other day. It's an interesting mix of songs in their older style and their newer style. Some of the songs sound more like their stuff from the True era -- think "Lies and Truth," or for the anime fans among you, "The 4th Avenue Cafe" (one of the ending themes for Rurouni Kenshin). Some sound like their most recent album. Some are just kind of in between.

My thoughts on each track after a few listen-throughs of the album:
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Anyway, my mind will probably change on some of these songs as I listen to it more. I still think my favorite L'Arc albums are probably Heart and Ark.
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So I added a bunch of stuff to my "On The Go" playlist on my iPod. There were a couple songs I wanted to hear more often, so I put more copies on the playlist. I always run my playlists on random, so I figured those would just pop up more frequently.

Instead, I got "Eyes of a Stranger" three times in a row and "Supermassive Black Hole" twice in a row.
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New favorite creepy song: Queensryche, "Eyes of a Stranger." OK, I don't know if it can really beat out Sufjan Stevens's "John Wayne Gacy, Jr.," but it's definitely creepy. I think I just listened to it on loop about ten times. I even changed my work chat status to "People always turn away from the eyes of a stranger."
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Just for fun I went through the 100 songs of the 80's list and pulled out the ones I have on my iPod, in approximate order of how frequently I listen to them.

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"Livin' On A Prayer" and "Dr. Feelgood" are both on my workout playlist so I think they get a lot more eartime.
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Because working from home means I get to listen to my music, and some of these lyrics are pretty funny.

lyrics )
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Do you ever have songs that remind you of specific people?

That song "At The Beginning" from Anastasia just came up on my playlist, and it totally made me think of [ profile] jyorraku (I miss you, dude! How are you doing??). Similarly, yesterday while I was walking home Meredith Brooks's "Bitch" came on and also made me think of [ profile] jyorraku. ;)

The Mario Twins song (Group X Arabian Rap Sensation!) always makes me think of [ profile] mbrubeck. I'm sure there are other songs that make me think of other people, but I can't recall any at the moment.
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I'm dumb, she's a lesbian
I thought I had found the one
We were good as married in my mind
But married in my mind's no good


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