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Since I've been going to this new occupational therapist, I have learned a lot of exercises, stretches, and techniques that really seem to help with my wrist pain, so I thought I should share them with you. If you don't have RSI, some of these will help you avoid getting it in the future.

worth taking a look if you have RSI or are trying to avoid it )
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I haven't invented it, but I know what it should do. We need an invention that will allow people to have blood drawn more easily, for those of us whose veins are "tiny," "rolling," and "deep." I have actually had phlebotomists ask me, "Do you even HAVE veins?" Today I got stuck in both arms before they decided to take the blood from a teeny surface vein over my bicep because at least they could find that one (it barely gave them enough to fill the four vials).

So, I think the inventors out there should get to work on a way to draw blood from people like me, that will involve less pain, less poking, and more blood flow. Maybe if something like this existed I would actually donate blood -- as of right now they'd probably spend half an hour trying to find my vein, and it would stop flowing before they could get enough to be useful.

Actually a friend of my dad's already made an invention like this. It uses some kind of imaging technology to detect veins in the hand, and then projects an image of the vein locations onto the patient's skin. Its intended use is to help doctors put IVs in elderly patients. I don't think it is small and portable enough to be used in labs around the country though.

In other news I saw my rheumatologist today. He says it is quite possible that a lot of my problems are related to the hypothyroidism, so I feel better knowing that someone actually thinks so. He also said that chances I have an inflammatory disease are probably pretty small since I don't have any swelling anywhere, my lab numbers aren't high enough, and all the other tests came back normal/negative. The diagnosis on today's receipt was "diffuse joint pain."
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The score:
Oral surgeon - 4
Wisdom teeth - 0

The anesthesia wasn't as scary as I was expecting, but I was pretty nervous and my blood pressure read way high right before they did it. Anyway, they put on an oxygen mask and stuck in the needle and the doctor said, "OK, we're going to put you to sleep now," and then I was sitting alone in a room and I couldn't figure out why I couldn't close my mouth (it was stuffed with gauze).

Now I have an excuse to drink milkshakes and eat pudding.

In other news, my mom will be in town next weekend. [ profile] zixi and [ profile] bennj, I'm almost 100% free the three weekends after that but the first weekend of Feb is best for me if you guys want to come down to Indy around then! Otherwise just let me know when is good for you and we can schedule. :)


Dec. 6th, 2006 05:06 pm
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So I have kind of a funny history with allergies. I didn't know I had allergies until I was in college. Basically, I went to the doctor because after a cold I had a cough that hadn't gone away in months. The doctor looked in my mouth and nose and said that the cough was from a postnasal drip from my nasal allergies and prescribed me a nasal allergy spray. I was skeptical, but after using the spray for a couple weeks I discovered something amazing: I could breathe through my nose. My entire life I had thought it was just normal to have your nose too stuffed up to breathe through. Imagine my surprise when one day I found myself not just breathing through my nose, but through both nostrils at once!

Anyway, I have been using a nasal spray for a few years now. I didn't have any problems or any other allergy issues for a long time. When we moved to Providence, I had a couple episodes of itchy eyes, which was something I never had before, but they were brief and went away quickly so I didn't worry. When I came out to Indy for my job interview, Ben's mom gave me a bouquet of oriental lilies, and I discovered that I am allergic to them (or more likely, to pollen in general) as well through a super-runny nose and semi-itchy eyes.

Now I am having a bit more of a problem. Frequently, when I am at work, sometime between 2 and 4 in the afternoon I'll start having some kind of allergy attack. Runny nose, super itchy eyes. I pour eye drops in, hoping it's just my contacts drying out, with no luck. I *cannot* figure out what is causing this. Why doesn't it happen in the morning? Only in the afternoon? Could it be from allergens stuck to my reading glasses that somehow build up over the hours? More importantly, how do I get rid of it?? My usual rewetting drops are not working and it's driving me crazy!

Hopefully one of the allergy experts in LJ land will have some advice for me...


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