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If a recipe calls for "boned, skinned chicken breasts," does that mean boneless skinless, or skin-on, bone-in? Because, to skin a chicken breast means to remove the skin, and to bone it means to remove the bone. So by that logic a "boned, skinned" chicken breast should have no bone and no skin, kind of like a "peeled onion." On the other hand, most recipes refer to "boneless, skinless" breasts, so I would think that "boned, skinned" would be the opposite of that. On the other other hand, usually they will call for "skin-on, bone-in" instead of "boned, skinned."

What's a cook to do???
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We find ourselves overloaded with beets from our CSA. As of right now, we have two quarts of pickled beets in the fridge and at least three bunches of beets that haven't been cooked yet, plus we're getting more this weekend. We've already had borscht up to our eyeballs.

My question is this: can I substitute shredded beets for shredded carrot or zucchini in breads, cakes, and muffins? What other tasty (and healthy) things can I make with beets?

I'm going to try using the big zucchini we got to make stuffed zucchini tonight (stuffed with couscous). All of a sudden I have a giant fear that I actually used up all the couscous and we don't have any left in the pantry . . .
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After browing some food websites like , I was thinking about my favorite flavors.

In no particular order...

  • citrus, preferably tangerine (not so much lemon or lime)
  • vanilla (bonus points for vanilla bean)
  • basil
  • extensively cooked carrots (like in a stew)
  • cinnamon
  • nectarine/peach (the really ripe, juicy kind)
  • strawberry
  • tomato
  • margarine (not butter)
  • honey
  • chili powder
  • mushroom
  • any meat that has been stewed for hours
  • garlic
  • chocolate
  • asparagus

I'm sure there are many more, these are just off the top of my head.
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I want alphabet soup. And canned ravioli. Mmmm. Some Kraft mac and cheese wouldn't hurt either.

As a kid I ate an amazing variety of prepackaged foods. Anyone else? Hormel chili, chicken and stars, alphabet soup, canned ravioli, lunchables, little debbie snack cakes, ho-hos, ding-dongs, hostess cupcakes, mini muffins, etc etc. What were/are your favorites? I totally feel like I'm forgetting some major stuff here.

My favorites:
- Kraft mac & cheese (it's almost totally prepackaged)
- hostess cupcakes
- lunchables pizza
- frozen french toast sticks


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