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Sorry to post more about Carter -- he is just too cute! Besides, I can show off my Carter userpic. Like many dogs, Carter shows little interest in vegetables. He of course loves meat, and has an affinity for popcorn too. The big surprise though is that Carter LOVES watermelon! Maybe not as much as he loves roast beef, but we were eating watermelon last night and he was begging way more than he usually does when we're eating. Sometimes we let him lick the rind and he gets very excited.

Speaking of liking meat, he knows that we keep the lunchmeat in the deli drawer in the fridge. When he hears the deli drawer open, he comes running, even if he was doing something else and you're only going in there to get cheese. Adorable!

Last night we stuffed some treats in his Kong. He still doesn't totally get the idea of how the Kong works. He knows the food is inside, but doesn't know how to get it out. Instead, he'll just lick and lick and lick until the food turns into mush and gets stuck to the sides. The cutest part though is that when he is frustrated with not being able to get the food out, he will look at me for help!

Anyway, after talking to people and browsing google image search, we are pretty sure that Carter is a German Shepherd / Doberman mix. What a good dog!


Apr. 25th, 2008 04:40 pm
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We got a dog! There are many more pictures of him here. His name is Carter and he is a 4-year-old shepherd mix. He is about 80lbs which is exactly the size dog I wanted.

We found Carter at an adoption event at Petco. The rescue, which is called Luv-a-Dog, has adoptions there every weekend! There were some very nice dogs there. Carter showed up just after we'd finished walking around the other dogs. He has such a beautiful coat! It turned out that if Carter didn't find a home or a foster home soon, he was going to be turned over to a shelter. Luv-a-Dog is an entirely foster care rescue. Carter was nervous just being in Petco, and it turns out he has a fear of enclosed spaces as well, so you can imagine he would not show very well at a shelter! Plus since he is large, adult, and dark-colored, his chances of adoption would go down. We weren't sure if we wanted to adopt him, so we agreed to become Carter's foster home.

As soon as we brought him home, he perked up and raced around the backyard, rolling in the grass. He warmed up to us immediately and was following us around and trying to get affection that night. He was adopted at age 1 by a family who had him for three years. The family also had another dog, a 120-lb lab, and when they had a baby they decided it wouldn't be safe for the infant to have two large dogs running around, so they gave up Carter. He was adopted by an elderly couple in Illinois, but after three months one of the people got very ill, and they were no longer able to care for him, so he came back to Indianapolis to find a new home. After seeing how great he was around the house and how well-trained he is, Ben and I decided we wanted to adopt him. We had him checked out by a vet and he was pronounced a very healthy dog!

Carter is house trained, knows not to jump on furniture or people (mostly), doesn't beg at the table, and knows sit, stay, and shake. He is good on a leash and we've been teaching him to heel, which he's doing very well at. He loves to play tug-of-war, roll in the grass, have you chase him around, get petted, and sniff everything very thoroughly. He needs some work on obedience still, and he definitely needs help with socialization (more to dogs than to people). We're planning to sign up for obedience lessons for him to help him out with this.

We're very excited about this new addition to our family! What a good dog!


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