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At work I'm looking into options for new application lifecycle management tools, so I thought I'd post and see what everyone else uses at their companies. Here's kind of a list of the various items that I mean when I say application lifecycle management:

  • requirements/user needs
  • design documentation
  • task lists
  • project scheduling
  • risk and hazard analysis
  • implementation/source control
  • issue tracking
  • testing
  • traceability

Right now, we are using IBM (Telelogic) DOORS for requirements management, and we have our test cases listed in DOORS as well so we can trace them to the requirements. DOORS is functional, but extremely difficult to use. Our design documentation is all in Word documents. Our task lists and project scheduling are done in a combination of Microsoft Project and Excel spreadsheets. Risk and hazard analysis is a Word document with references to requirement numbers from DOORS. We use StarTeam for source control and issue tracking (but I'm told we will be migrating to TFS soon). We use MS-Test, CPPUnit, and TestComplete for automated testing. We use Documentum for storing all of the "official" documents (which means we have to export everything from DOORS, and put together test reports when we run tests to load into Documentum).

What we WANT is something that will integrate all of this stuff together. We want to trace requirements to design to risks to tasks to code to tests, with issue tracking that can refer to any of those elements, all in one place. We want to be able to run our automated and manual tests and have the system automagically create a test summary report. We want to be able to link together change request review meeting minutes to the change requests.

So what do you all use at your jobs? What have you used at previous jobs? Any opinions about them? Do any of you work in highly regulated environments like mine where if you don't have good traceability and documentation the FDA will come down on you?

Date: 2009-10-07 02:31 am (UTC)
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We use a variety of home-grown utilities, because we have a lot of developers and are cheap. Plus a healthy dose of word/excel documents. We also don't have to deal with the FDA... yet.


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