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So, I have an ergonomic keyboard with a built-in touchpad. I bought it in 2000. It has two connectors coming out of it -- a PS/2 for the keyboard part, and a serial connector for the mouse. I love this keyboard and touchpad so much that I have toted it from school to school and finally to my job. It worked okay with my work laptop dock.

I got a new desktop at work. I plugged in my keyboard and mouse (funny, the desktop had a serial port but no PS/2 so I had to use a PS/2 to USB adaptor for the keyboard), and it installed some default drivers.

The Microsoft Serial Mouse driver does not work with Java applications. WTF. I already tried upgrading my Java VM, no luck. The mouse works fine with all my other applications, it's just the Java ones it doesn't work with, and they even leave it in a screwed up state so that other apps won't work either until I jiggle it with alt-tab. Sadly, my source control application is Java-based, and so is my keyboard break reminder application. I can prove it is the fault of the driver. I had the serial mouse and a USB mouse both installed, and neither worked right. I uninstalled the serial mouse driver, and the USB mouse works just fine.

I tried looking online for other serial mouse drivers and found an open source one called CuteMouse, but of course there is no README and I have no idea how to install it. I tried looking at the manufacturer's website for my keyboard (Lite-On) to get another driver, but their global website won't work with any of my browsers, and their US website only has information for their current and recent products, which are all optical storage devices and DVD players, not keyboards and mice. So I would be eternally grateful to anyone who can provide me with a functional serial mouse driver or who can find the driver for the LiteOn SK-6000 keyboard/mouse combo.
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