Jan. 5th, 2009

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I'm working at home today, observing Carter in his native habitat. His day goes something like this:

6:00 - Wake up, stretch, shake. Lick dad's hand. Lick mom's hand. Back to sleep.
6:40 - Follow dad downstairs, go outside. Pee, perimiter check, sniff to see what's been going on.
6:50 - Breakfast.
7:00 - Back upstairs to lay outside the bedroom until mom gets out of the shower.
7:15 - Downstairs for a walk with dad.
7:35 - Go outside, poop. Perimiter check.
7:40 - Get petted, lay around living room until mom and dad go to work.
8:00 - Back to sleep on downstairs dog bed (or couch, if mom and dad forget to take precautions).
9:40 - Wake up, stretch, shake. Drink some water. Sleep in sunny spot by back window.
11:15 - Wake up, stretch, shake. Go sit by library window and observe the outside world. Bark at anyone who walks by.
12:00 - Back to sunny spot for a nap.
12:30 - Back to window to keep an eye on things. Bark at anyone who walks by.
2:00 - If sunny spot is still sunny, sleep in sunny spot. Otherwise, sleep on downstairs dog bed.
3:30 - Back to window to keep an eye on things. Bark at anyone who walks by.
4:30 - Sleep on downstairs dog bed.
5:30 - Mom and dad come home! Wag tail like a maniac and run around in circles. Get petted.
5:40 - Go outside, pee, perimiter check. Go for a walk!
6:00 - Hang around the kitchen while mom makes dinner. Whine for food.
6:30 - Eat dinner!
6:40 - Go outside, poop, perimiter check. Bark at neighbors.
6:50 - Sleep at foot of couch while mom and dad eat dinner and watch tv. Get petted.
8:00 - Play with rope or ball. Chew on rope for a while.
8:40 - Sleep near couch, get petted.
9:30 - Check front of house windows. Bark at anyone who passes by.
9:45 - Sleep on downstairs dog bed.
10:00 - Bedtime! Race upstairs, chew Nylabone.
10:30 - Finish chewing Nylabone, go to sleep on upstairs dog bed. Repeat from beginning again.

Obviously there are slight deviations. At the moment he's sitting by the library window keeping an eye on things. What a dog! Plus this afternoon I'm taking him to the vet because he hurt one of his toenails.


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